Land is a particularly attractive investment due to it being a relatively “hands-off” way of making money. When you fully comprehend these facts you will understand that Abuja is arguably the best place to do so and accordingly is the best place to buy land in Nigeria.

When it comes to investing in real estate in Nigeria, Abuja is. There are a number of reasons for this, which will be highlighted below:

  • It is Nigeria’s capital city;
  • It offers a great quality of life;
  • It is rapidly developing;
  • There is plenty of vacant land available

Having said this, Abuja is a big city so the question still remains, where are the top areas to buy/invest?

First things first, it all depends on what you are looking for and also what you want to use the land for. Where one can get great deals, where one can make the most money quickly and where one can safely invest. What areas are growing the fastest, but where are land prices undervalued?


Lugbe is one of the relatively well populated places in Abuja. Lugbe is a large place and there are still abundance of strategic lands available for purchase. Lugbe has an enviable location in Abuja, as it sits in between the city center and the airport. Moreover, it is also in the neighborhood of the Centenary City project, currently under construction.

Lugbe used to be under the administration of AMAC but recently, the area and surrounding communities were officially incorporated into Abuja phase 5 of the FCC. This means that the area is due to get a major facelift soon with more investment, better facilities, infrastructure and services. All these factors makes Lugbe a fine place to buy in Abuja.


Kuje is another excellent place to own land. Being further out from the city center, lands in Kuje can be considered very cheap. So investors with less capital would do well to look at Kuje when it comes to investing. Additionally, for people looking for farmland or agricultural land Kuje is perfect as there is plenty of that available.

Kuje is one of the rapidly developing settlements in Abuja, with its busy, popular market at the center of the town. There are many residential buildings, school, companies, and even more under construction. Located in the south western part of the city, the area has some good roads. Generally, it is fast expanding and a great location for real estate investment.

Kuje is situated close to a number of prominent landmarks in Abuja including the airport and Centenary City. Its proximity to the Centenary City may be of particular interest to investors: It is a planned smart city which is being built on over 1200 hectares of land a few km from the Central Area. The city is modeled in places such as Doha, Dubai, Singapore and Monaco. As the Centenary City develops so will real estate prices rise in Kuje.


Orozo some 13 mi or (21 km) South-East of Abuja, the country’s capital. Orozo boasts of high-profile landmarks such as Loyola Jesuit College, Federal Technical College, Federal Treasury Academy, Ave Maria University, and a host of others. Although this area is relatively new, it has all the things that one might need. Such as, infrastructure laid out and maintained, access to water and electricity, and well tarred roads. The neighbourhood has a residential character with considerable commercial elements.


Jahi is a fast growing district located in Abuja phase 2. Continued governmental infrastructure development and its excellent location near a number of prime neighborhoods such as Gwarinpa, Kado and Katampe makes it the perfect place to buy land in Abuja. This is especially true for those that want to buy somewhere near the city center as Jahi is less than a 20 minute drive from the Central Business District.

The Abuja real estate landscape is full of potential for anyone interested in buying land, houses or renting an apartment. As the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja has seen a rise in real estate investments and it is clear that the industry is open for business to all who wish to buy and own real estate in the city. There you have it, few of the most promising areas to buy land in Abuja. For those ready to purchase, contact us at or call our official line 07049070576.

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