our estate: baller’s court

Kuje is seeing a rapid expansion in residential buildings because of its proximity to Abuja and because of the removal of informal settlements along the airport road.

There is a network of well tarred roads serving zones of  yet unbuilt housing whilst the existing residential areas are linked by often impassable, potholed dirt roads.

Our baller’s court estate is a beautiful estate located just 5 minutes drive from Kuje total filling station. It sits on a beautiful road network adjacent the roundabout. Just after navigating left, there is Union Homes and before our lovely site, is SMAG ARS (a polythene factory).

This estate shares facilities with the Rochas Okorocha’s foundation. Behind this estate is an Army Barrack and a Navy Barrack, thereby, giving Baller’s court an edge of security all around. Baller’s court is a beautiful estate for lovers of infrastructure and nature, as this would be lavishly displayed in the estate.

  • Good/wide road network
  • Drainage system
  • Electricity with transformer
  • Perimeter fence
  • Paved walkway
  • Street light
  • Sport and recreation
  • Church/Mosque/Shopping mall
  • School (Nursery & Primary)
  • Clinic
  • Event/Mini resort center
  • Security

Price of the land

  • Actual Price – 4.5 Million
  • Promo Price – 3.6 Million (20% Discount)
  • The size of plot – 500 Square meters (50 X 100)
  • Title deed – C of O

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