The Advantages of Buying Land from a Real Estate Company

1. When you buy a land from real estate companies or real estate developers you know who you are buying from and most of them are registered real estate companies. So your chances of being scammed is greatly reduced. Even better the chances of you being scammed is reduced to 1% when you buy from genuine estate partners.

2. The Lands are usually in an enclosed environment so you would be living with people with like minds.

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3. The estates have proposed amenities so you don’t have to run around looking for blocks to build your fence, provide electricity, roads, drainage etc.

4. Most estates have proposed layout to provide parks, schools, hospitals etc.

5. Buying from a real estate company means you don’t have to deal with unnecessary middlemen to pay any sort of fees to them.

6. All documentations are usually done by the Real estate Company in favor of the buyer.

7. They provide installment payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay the full sum at once.

8. Real estate developers give you the advantage of paying on installment. Up to 6 months or even more in some cases. You can’t try that with land grabbers. They take their money outright.

9. Real estate companies gives you the advantage of buying while you wait. I.e. you can buy now and develop in ten years in as much as you clear the area regularly.

10.  Real estate companies perfect titles.

11. You don’t pay developmental levy when you buy from the indigenous land owners, but the type of trouble they cause when you want to start building is not minor and as a matter of fact you might even spend double the price you bought the land

12. Land may be cheap when you buy from private land owners but the trouble you face after full payment of the land is non-quantifiable.

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